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Action & Visioning
Skeena Rathor
Skeena Rathor is a British activist of Kashmiri descent and mother of three girls. She works to strengthen communities, helping them to heal from historical oppression and prepare for the crises we are facing.
Miriam Instone
Twenty-two-year-old singer Miriam Instone puts her skills in service to the planet, focusing on regenerative culture, direct action and protest art.
Valerie Brown
From her political upbringing as an immigrant in London, Valerie threw herself into climate activism with an impressive passion. She joined in hope of encouraging other Black women to engage in activism and later became London’s first mayoral candidate standing for deliberative democracy.
Roger Hallam
Co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, Heathrow Pause, Burning Pink, Insulate Britain and Just Stop Oil, Roger Hallam is a crucial driving force in social and environmental activism. He possesses an extraordinary ability to mobilise people and, as he likes to put it, “get stuff done”.
Actions & Strategy
Dr Larch Maxey
Sacrificing his own comfort, scientist, geographer and Extinction Rebellion activist Dr Larch Maxey uses direct action to drive the urgent changes needed to avoid societal collapse.
Blogger & Spokesperson
Orthalia Kunene
Ecofeminist and co-founder of the Pink Panthers Orthalia Kunene risks her life and safety to fight for climate justice in Soweto, South Africa, where the emergency affects women most of all.
Social Justice
Marvina Newton
Marvina Eseoghene Newton is Nigerian-born community leader, activist, feminist, intersectional environmentalist and mother of two. She plays a key role mediating between social justice groups and the climate movement, building bridges, facilitating better ally-ship and tackling inequalities.
Climate Activists
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OurVoice has created the first decentralised training platform which is totally dedicated to Climate Activists all over the world.