Roger Hallam
Co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, Heathrow Pause, Burning Pink, Insulate Britain and Just Stop Oil, Roger Hallam is a crucial driving force in social and environmental activism. He possesses an extraordinary ability to mobilise people and, as he likes to put it, “get stuff done”.
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Roger Hallam
If it weren’t for the climate crisis, Roger Hallam might be living an entirely different life. For 20 years, he ran an organic farm in Wales. Sadly though, he was devastated to see his crops perform progressively worse each year due to increasingly hostile weather conditions, as is the case for farmers around the world. Witnessing the impacts of climate change first-hand, forced him to confront the issue and eventually dedicate his life to tackling it.

For about five years Roger studied for a PhD in social change theory at King’s College London, researching how to mobilise for civil disobedience. During this period he tested his theories with impressive results, participating in direct action that successfully convinced the university to divest from fossil fuels.

After working on a campaign against air pollution in London, he encountered a small group of like-minded people, each terrified about the trajectory we are on and desperate to do something impactful.

Together they launched Extinction Rebellion, the fastest-growing climate and social justice movement in history. Within a year they forced the UK government to give in to their first demand and declare a climate emergency. Within two years they overcame media apathy and pushed the climate crisis to the fore of public awareness.

Following Extinction Rebellion’s success, Roger went on to co-found Burning Pink, the UK’s first-ever anti-political party and direct action group with one policy: deliberative democracy through legally binding citizens’ assemblies.

He later oversaw the creation of Insulate Britain, a group of activists who made a global impression, gaining rolling media coverage by repeatedly blocking motorways and roads over a period of more than four months. He also played an integral role in building the emerging group, Just Stop Oil.

Roger’s most recognisable skill area is strategizing for movement growth and impact. He provides strong direction for other activists, supported by his knowledge of history and an infectious determination to act quickly and effectively.
I’m trying to achieve what I think we all want to achieve if we thought about it carefully enough: massive resistance in the next six months, to change the course of history - to save humanity from extinction.

Roger Hallam