Dr Larch Maxey
Sacrificing his own comfort, scientist, geographer and Extinction Rebellion activist Dr Larch Maxey uses direct action to drive the urgent changes needed to avoid societal collapse.
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Dr Larch Maxey
Dr Larch Maxey is devoted to transforming humanity's darkest hour into a world of connection, freedom and flourishing. Over 36 years he has worked with the world's most accomplished scientists and activists, researching, teaching and acting on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

He is committed to telling the truth not only about the terrifying science of climate change, but also about the science of social change, which shows that it is still possible to prevent societal collapse.

In the face of this emergency, and with a rapidly closing window of opportunity, Larch dedicates his life to peacefully bringing about this transformation, sacrificing his career, family life and doing whatever is of most benefit in each moment.

He has co-founded over 20 organisations, including the Lammas Eco Village, the Fleming Policy Centre and Network of Wellbeing and published over 50 academic and popular articles, including two co-edited books.

Larch volunteers full-time wherever he can be most effective including, with Extinction Rebellion and HS2 Rebellion. His climate activism and interest in social justice began 36 years ago.

In 1991, as a law undergraduate Larch co-founded Lloyds and Midland Boycott (LAMB) a UK-wide campaign on Majority World Debt. From 1994-5 he lived in a tree as part of the No M65! campaign in Lancashire, which he co-founded. Larch holds a PhD in sustainability. He worked as a tutor, lecturer and post-doctoral researcher for 20 years.

He met XR at Offgrid Festival in 2018 and was won over by their sophisticated theory change. Within a week he was giving XR his evenings and weekends, fitting his volunteer work around two jobs: co-founder of a wellbeing charity and co-director of Bright Green Futures, a social enterprise creating Bristol’s most energy efficient, sustainable homes.

In his own words, Larch “was waiting 25 years for a movement like Extinction Rebellion (XR), that uses the science of social change so effectively.”

His activism has sometimes put him at risk. In September 2019 he was attacked and permanently scarred by a police dog whilst lying in a garden. In October 2019 his finger was snapped and damaged for life by a police officer and in November 2019 he was one of over 500 activists who went on hunger strike.

In January/February 2021, he spent 27 days in a tunnel under Euston Square Gardens in one of the UK's longest and most dramatic evictions, a game-changer in terms of public awareness of the ecocidal HS2 scheme.

To save money and tackle waste, he lives as a freegan, eating what would otherwise be chucked away. However, he still needs money for travel, a phone, a laptop and to cover the costs of direct action.
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Devoted to transforming this, humanity's darkest hour, into a world of connection, freedom and flourishing.

Dr Larch Maxey