The Gruffalo: Storytime reading with Alan Mandel

See the reader of the Youtube Gruffalo with some live storytelling for 1-5 year-olds.

Alan's reading of 'The Gruffalo' on YouTube has become an internet sensation, attracting over 3m viewers.

Come join us for storytime and see him read some of his other favourite stories for under-5s, including The Book With No Pictures and Lottie Potter wants an Otter!

You may have also seen him performing the Haka in the ITV ident before every Rugby World Cup game in 2015, having a fight with Colin Firth in Born Equal (BBC), and giving lots of face in numerous other productions including Pride (BBC Films) and Criminal Justice (BBC). Experiences that set him up nicely for his role as the rather non talkative Eddie in Eddie (Overhead Films). Alan has also lent his voice to a number of projects including Rocketman (Paramount Pictures), Red Valley (Orpheus Studio Productions) and the wildly popular Julia Donaldson narrations on YouTube. His theatre credits include The Factory (National Tour), Requiem for Tomorrow (Shaw Theatre) and Flamingo Blues (Unicorn Theatre).